FTF Empower 12-week Guide

  • $65.00
FTF Empower is a comprehensive 12 week training program focused on combining HIIT style circuits, super sets, tri sets, and cardio training!
  • 12 week program broken down into legs, arms/abs, booty, full body and cardio requirements

  • Workouts are a mixture of HIIT style training, supersets, tri-sets, and cardio averaging about 30 minutes - 1 hour

  • THIS GUIDE IS AT HOME FRIENDLY meaning you could do everything with NO equipment or you can use a set of dumbells, jump rope, chair, and resistance bands!

  • I have provided icons instructing the movements along with providing videos links to majority of the moves

  • MaryKate’ FAV recipes!

  • MaryKate’s basic grocery list

  • Access to the Facebook group and social media to interact with the FTF community